Unpaid bills unclaimed and their impact on our treasury.

Many companies that do not claim their unpaid bills, do not know that the fact of not claiming the collection of these defaults, represents a significant potential loss of liquidity for the company since even today they do not get to claim more than 60% of unpaid bills in general terms.

This translates into many thousands of millions of euros that remain in a state of default and that had they been claimed by their creditors, a large part would have been transformed into new treasury for the business.

Unclaimed invoices?

There are many unpaid bills that accumulate dust in the drawers and files of the administration and finance departments. What few administrators and accountants contemplate is the possibility that it can be converted into new liquidity and treasury for the company.

unpaid invoices

The statistics are devastating and it is more than proven and verified that the vast majority of businesses in our country have or have had unpaid invoices that have not been claimed before the debtor.

However, many other companies already have what is called a “zero tolerance” to the defaults of customers coming to claim the debt at the time it comes to occur in a first bill and although the amount that this involves is reduced quantity.

How can I charge them?

To collect unpaid bills there are many methods and techniques that can be internal or external. It is vital that from the company itself you start to have the necessary training for the recovery of unpaid bills.

Counting on the fact that there are always customers who are going to ask us about payment problems, having a protocol for collecting unpaid bills will help us to collect our unpaid bills internally and in an effective manner.

However, it is not always effective in this task of internal recovery and in many cases in which a specialized research company has been developed to help us in the external phase of the recovery of our assets and the non-payment of our invoices.


There is a great offer of collection companies of defaulters, recovery of unpaid debts, as well as legal cabinets specialized in collecting debts and defaults.

Depending on our interests as creditors, we can choose the company that best suits our needs.

An unpaid invoice is always a damage to our treasury and the accumulated of this type of incidences, you can find bigger problems for the management of our business and even the bankruptcy of the same and the unpaid invoices are of an amount that you can have financial muscle.

Having adequate debt recovery practices and being clear in the collection of our bills makes us strong creditors to potential debtors and reduce the risks of future defaults